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Rounds Votes No on CR

WASHINGTON– U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) today issued the following statement after voting “no” on the Continuing Resolution (CR), which funds government operations through December 20, 2019.

“Even with an additional two months to work on appropriations bills, Congress has failed again to get its work done – or even show signs of progress. CRs are no way to run a country. They’re wasteful, ineffective, destabilize government programs and could end up hurting South Dakota families. And, they jeopardize our military readiness. Military leaders continue to warn that CRs have a detrimental impact on our ability to train, equip and maintain the force. This should concern us all.

“If we’re ever going to stop this reckless practice of not getting our work done on time, we need to send a strong message that enough is enough. The American people expect us to get results, not continue to kick the can down the road.”

Rounds previously voted no on a CR for Fiscal Year 2020 that ran through November 21, 2019.