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Senate Armed Services Committee

The United States Senate Committee on Armed Services is a committee of the United States Senate empowered with legislative oversight of the nation's military, including the Department of Defense, military research and development, nuclear energy, benefits for members of the military, the Selective Service System and other matters related to defense policy. Considered one of the most powerful Senate committees, its broad mandate allowed it to report some of the most extensive and revolutionary legislation during the Cold War years, including the National Security Act of 1947.

Senator Rounds additionally serves as the ranking member of the Subcommittee on Cybersecurity. He also serves on the Personnel and Strategic Forces subcommittees. 

Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs

The United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs has jurisdiction over matters related to banks and banking, price controls, deposit insurance, export promotion and controls, federal monetary policy, financial aid to commerce and industry, issuance of redemption of notes, currency and coinage, public and private housing, urban development and mass transit and government contracts.

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

The United States Senate Committee on Indian Affairs has the authority to help resolve issues that face the American Indian, Native Hawaiian and Alaska Native peoples in the United States. The Indian Affairs Committee may address issues that include, but are not limited to, Indian education, economic development, land management, trust responsibilities, health care and claims against the United States.


The United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence provides crucial oversight of the nation's intelligence networks and reconnaissance programs. This committee makes certain that our nation has the tools it needs to protect itself, while also affirming that those tools and practices conform with U.S. law and the Constitution.

Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee

The United States Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs has jurisdiction over compensation of veterans, life insurance issued by the government due to military service, national cemeteries, pensions, and readjustment of service men and women to civilian life.