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Shop Locally This Holiday Season

This year, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first Small Business Saturday, the annual event that encourages customers to shop at local businesses during the holiday season.

South Dakota’s small businesses play a critical role in our communities. In our state, 99 percent of businesses are considered small businesses. In total, that’s nearly 90,000 small businesses in the state of South Dakota. Those businesses employ over 200,000 employees which make up about 60 percent of our state’s workforce. When you support small businesses in South Dakota, you are actually supporting your friends and family. But remember, be courteous and wear a mask when shopping so that both you and your neighbors can be safe.

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. That is especially true for many main street businesses in South Dakota who closed their doors to the public temporarily due to the pandemic. For those small businesses, this holiday shopping season will be especially important. The National Retail Federation estimates that nearly 20 percent of a business’s sales come during the holiday season. With the pandemic taking its toll earlier this year, I anticipate that the support from holiday shopping will be more critical than ever before for many small businesses.

This year, I look forward to shopping at local small businesses in Pierre. While I can’t spoil the surprise for my kids and grandkids by telling you what I’ll be buying locally, I can tell you I will be shopping at one of our local jewelry stores. Jean has come to expect jewelry under the tree from me, as I buy her some every year. Creative, I know but at least I’m consistent. She knows it’s coming, and she knows it’s coming from a local store, but what’s in the box is always a surprise. And I’m doing my part to shop locally.

This holiday season, I hope you consider shopping at small businesses in your local community. Regardless of what is on your Christmas list, there’s a store in South Dakota that’s got you covered.

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