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Rounds Statement on President Trump’s State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) issued the following statement on President Trump’s State of the Union Address: 

“Tonight, President Trump laid out a long-term vision for our country,” said Rounds. “Last year during his address to Congress, the president discussed his ideas for what we want our country to look like in the year 2026, America’s 250th birthday. I, too, have shared my vision for our country in 2026, and I am pleased tonight’s speech continued to build on a long-term vision. We all want a freer, more united country in which government is less intrusive and the American dream is possible for everyone. We’ve made strides in the past year by enacting historic tax cuts, reducing burdensome regulations and restoring balance to the courts by confirming fair-minded judges who adhere to the Constitution as it was written. I am proud to be a part of that effort.”

“While we have much progress to be proud of, we also have much work to do, and it will take hard work from both parties in both chambers and the White House to accomplish our goals. I look forward to continue working with the president and my colleagues as we address the most pressing issues before us, including national security, growing our economy so Americans have greater economic security, our growing national debt and failed appropriations process, immigration reform which includes border security, and so many other issues important to South Dakotans. With just eight years until America’s 250th birthday, we must not let up on our efforts as we continue to make progress on our vision for America in which we are freer, safer and more prosperous for generations to come.”