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Rounds Introduces Legislation to Strengthen School Security

SAVES Act would establish grants to enhance school safety at state and local levels

WASHINGTON U.S. Senator Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) introduced the Security to Avoid Violence in Educational Settings (SAVES) Act. This legislation would redirect federal funds to establish a grant program to enhance school safety at the state and local levels.

“The first responsibility of any school is to provide for the safety of all students,” said Rounds. “When it comes to our kids, it should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. South Dakota has schools of many sizes and needs. Decisions about education are best made at the state and local levels. This bill would allow states and local schools to determine how to improve school safety in a manner that best fits their needs.”

The SAVES Act would create a new Department of Justice grant program to improve school security. This program would reallocate $500 million in funding over five years to states to create grants for local K-12 schools and school systems. Unlike other federal programs for school security, this grant program will allow states and local schools, rather than federal agencies, to determine how to utilize this money to strengthen school safety.

The grant program would not cost any additional taxpayer money. It would instead transfer funding appropriated in last year’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements at public school facilities. The redirecting of funds would allow schools to access metal detectors and school security officers rather than providing solar panels at schools.

You can read the full bill text HERE


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