Thune, Rounds concerned about new nuke deal with Iran

Washington, DC (KELO-AM) South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds (R) on Tuesday questioned the President's pick for Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs, General Paul Selva, about the new nuke deal with Iran. 

The Senate Armed Services Committee member asked General Selva if Tehran would use some of the billions in sanctions that would be lifted under the deal to sponsor terrorism. General Selva said that "from what I've heard from the press, the immediate lifting of sanctions, or the sequential lifting of sanctions will give Iran access to more economic assets with which to sponsor terrorism should they choose to do so."

Senator Rounds says that Selva's testimony confirms that under the new deal, Iran will have the ability to continue funding terrorism.

South Dakota Senator John Thune (R) also has grave concerns about the deal.  He says it will give the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism access to billions of dollars "to finance its campaign for increased regional influence."

By:  Mark Russo
Source: KELO