Rounds addresses low graduation rates at tribal schools with new amendment

U.S. Senator Mike Rounds is working to improve education for Native American students.

The South Dakota senator applauded the passage of an amendment he offered up with Democratic Sen. Tom Udall.

The amendment to the Every Child Achieves Act, which is being debated on the Senate floor, addresses the low graduation rates at tribal schools. The measure also seeks to improve the quality of education in rural and high poverty areas.

Rounds says the fact that there are tribal schools in this country with graduation rates below 40 percent is unacceptable, and he is calling on his colleagues to help change that fact. "Mr. President, it is critical that we identify the limitations and barriers which tribal schools face and lay out a strategy to fix those problems. I hope my colleagues will join Senator Udall and me in supporting this straight forward amendment and help our students in Indian Country. Thank you Mr. President, I yield the floor."

Rounds says that he is extremely pleased that the measure is receiving broad bipartisan support in the Senate.

By:  Alia Willson
Source: Newscenter1