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Bill #
Bill Description
Cosponsored — Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act of 2015
Cosponsored — Patient Freedom Act of 2015
Cosponsored — Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2015
Cosponsored — A resolution relative to the death of Joseph Robinette Biden, III.
Cosponsored — A resolution to express the sense of the Senate regarding the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe and to encourage greater cooperation with the European governments, the European Union, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in preventing and responding to anti-Semitism.
Sponsored — Long Range Strike Aircraft Mix Act of 2015
Sponsored — Department of Defense Cyber Support to Civil Authorities Act of 2015
Cosponsored — STREAM Act of 2015
Sponsored — Regulation Sensibility Through Oversight Restoration Resolution of 2015
Cosponsored — Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Accountability Act of 2015
Cosponsored — Affordable Reliable Electricity Now Act of 2015
Sponsored — Defense Acquisition Contractor Workforce Improvement Act of 2015
Sponsored — TRICARE Portability Act of 2015
Cosponsored — A concurrent resolution stating the policy of the United States regarding the release of United States citizens in Iran.
Cosponsored — A resolution designating the week of May 10 through May 16, 2015, as “National Police Week”.
Sponsored — Long Range Bomber Sustainment Act of 2015
Cosponsored — A bill to amend the Clean Air Act with respect to the ethanol waiver for the Reid vapor pressure limitations under that Act.
Cosponsored — A resolution recognizing May 2015 as “Jewish American Heritage Month” and honoring the contributions of Jewish Americans to the United States of America.
Cosponsored — A resolution supporting the goals and ideals of National Travel and Tourism Week and honoring the valuable contributions of travel and tourism to the United States.